Our Sensory Social Skills Groups ROCK because they incorporate movement to keep children engaged and learning.  The goal of the group is to improve communication and foster relationships with peers. Each 45-minute group will begin with 5 minutes of free play, then move to circle time for conversation and the weekly lesson.  Next the children will participate in engaging hands-on activities and games, full of movement, to reinforce the concepts learned. The group will close with a final circle to review. 

Groups will use the renowned Social Thinking materials and will be led by a licensed Speech Language Pathologist from Little Hands Speech Therapy.  Following each group will be a 10-15 min parent wrap-up to provide suggestions and materials for carryover at home, school, and in the community.

Topics Covered:

Whole Body, Active Listening            Cooperation & Team Work   

Taking Turns with Peers                   Conversation

Thinking about Others                     Asking Questions

Problem Solving                              Responding to Peers

Flexibility for the Unexpected            Interpreting Body Language

Details:$420 for 7 weeks, ($60/ class)

45min sensory social skills group, 15 min parent wrapLocation: We Rock the Spectrum Loudoun: 22446 Davis Drive Sterling, Virginia 20164--Reduced Open Play rate of $10 while enrolled in any Social Skills Group!--

Early Spring Session- March 8, 15, 22, April 5, 12, 19, 26 (7 weeks)Late Spring Session- May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, June 7, 14 (7 weeks)- Registration opens early April.Thursdays, 3:30pm 4-6 yearsThursdays, 4:30pm 7-9 yearsOur screening day for the Early Spring session will be March 1 from 4-5pm. 

Registration closes at 4pm on March 1.

Learn More at our Parent Info Sessions:

Monday February 26th, 6-7pm

Monday April 9th, 6-7pm

We Rock the Spectrum Loudoun 

Interested in a group for an older child or young adult?  Please send us a message!

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Sensory Social Skills Groups
Building Social Skills through Movement

Will my child be a good fit?  How are groups paired up?
This group is ideal for children who are on the Autism Spectrum, have ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, or who could use some guidance navigating social relationships.  Ideally, children who participate in these groups are able to verbally communicate with others by demonstrating an ability to answer questions, attend for short periods of time, and engage with others.  Maximum group size is four children with one therapist.

Group pairings are made based on skill level, with a general consideration for age level as well. Our screening day for the Early Spring session will be March 1 from 4-5pm.  Your child will be scheduled with up to one other child for a 10 minute time slot this day to meet with Ms. Amanda at We Rock the Spectrum.  She will introduce herself and talk with them to see how they attend to and answer questions.  Placement in groups will be offered after this screening day.

Will my child automatically be offered placement in a group?
We will do our best to ensure that each child who registers is matched with an appropriate group.  However, this is not always possible.  It is important to match children based on skill level so that everyone gets the most out of the group. If children are of very different levels, no one will benefit and the group will not be as effective.

Can I get a refund?
We will provide you with a full refund until March 1st.  After March 1st, 2018, refunds will only be provided if we are unable to match your child with an appropriate group.  Should your child not be placed in a group this session or a group not have two children in it, all fees will be returned to you. 

What do I tell my child?
Social Skills Groups are commonly referred to as “Friends Groups”.  You might tell your child that something like, “You know how you would like to make more friends, but sometimes it can be difficult?  I’ve signed you up for a friends group at a really neat place with swings and trampolines.  You’ll get to make new friends and learn some ways to make new friends at school too!”

Can you give me some examples of activities my child might play?
Activities from past groups have included: teaching concepts with books and stories, turn-taking games, scavenger hunts, Lego building tasks, putting puzzles together, watching videos to further illustrate concepts, and more.  Being at We Rock the Spectrum, we will also be using the swings, trampolines, zip line and more!

What happens after the 7th week?
As the weeks pass, students are expected to gain a greater understanding of concepts for increased participation with others and a better ability to carry on conversations to make new friends. The group will begin enrollment for the following session around week 4.  Current group members receive priority enrollment.  If your child is enjoying the group and would like to continue, we will be sure to introduce new concepts as well as reinforce the ones learned in the previous 8-week session.  That said, the sessions are not cumulative, and new students can jump in at any time at the start of a new session.

Do you offer Makeups?
Because we have uniquely matched groups, we do not offer makeup sessions.  If your child is sick and misses a class, we will give you materials at the next class.  We will review the prior week’s lessons at the start of the following class. 

Do you accept insurance? 
Our Social Skills Groups are classes and not group therapy, therefore we do not accept insurance and do not provide notes or superbills for insurance reimbursement.  

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